Block Multiple Responses From the Same IP Address

Jonathan Robinson, PhD

Block Duplicate IP Addresses

Our most popular feature request has been to allow the blocking of multiple workers from the same IP address.

MTurk workers with different MTurk Worker IDs may share an IP address. This might be for a number of reasons:

  1. Different workers may be using the same Internet connection. For example, they may both be in the same apartment, school or Starbucks and access MTurk over the same WiFi connection.
  2. Some researchers will want to avoid this so that their sample is more diverse and representative of the population they are targeting.
  3. One worker takes HITs using different MTurk accounts. Nearly all researchers will want to avoid this.

When this option is selected a worker who has the same IP address as a previous workers who accepted the study will see a message that he/she is ineligible for the HIT.

If the worker, nevertheless, accept the HIT, they will not see the hyperlink to the study. Instead they will see a message to return the HIT because another worker at that IP address has taken the HIT

Please Note: This feature prevents multiple workers from accepting or submitting the HIT from the same IP address. You may still see multiple responses from the same IP address in your data file if the worker who accepted the HIT enters the survey more than once.

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